Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tian An Men, remember Tiananmen?

Remembering the June 4 tragedy
by Sim Kwang Yang Today marks the 20th anniversary of that tragic event when thousands of university students and lecturers were massacred on Tiananmen Square in Beijing.tiananmen china anniversary amid tight security 040609 01I can still remember my shock and pain when learning of the news 20 years ago. In China, as in any other country, the use of tanks and machine guns to mow down peaceful demonstrations demanding more democracy by unarmed citizens is a crime against humanity. I also remember the many debates with my Chinese friends in Malaysia 20 years ago. They said what China needed was the kind of economic liberalisation that Deng Xiaoping was pushing, and not democracy demanded by the demonstrators. People had to eat first, and people cannot eat democracy, they said. We agreed to disagree.
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